Out Exhibitors

Exhibition Opening Ceremony

Date & Time : Aug 23(Tue), 11:00-11:30, Lobby, Exhibition Hall 2A
Grand opening of the exhibition featuring invited guests.

Meeting Room

Date & Time : Aug 23(Tue) – 25(Thu), 09:00-18:00
Facilitate meetings and discussion with your colleagues and buyers from around the world. You can simply reserve the room by booking on-site.

KVS 25th Anniversary Vacuum Experience Center

Date & Time : Aug 23(Tue) – 25(Thu), 09:00-18:00, Lounge Area
Experience and learn more about the fascinating world of vacuum equipment.

As of August, 2016

No. Company Name Country Exhibit Item Booth No.
1 Ace&Tech co.,Ltd Korea Ceramic, Quartz A-117
2 Agilent Technologies Korea Leak Detector, Turbo pump, Dry Scroll Pump, Ion Pump A-141
3 ALCA Technology Srl Italy A-146
4 ALPHAPLUS Co.,Ltd. Korea Source & Vacuum Equipment A-103
5 AMETEK Korea Co., Ltd. / CAMECA BU Korea Product Panels A-107
6 ANEST IWATA KOREA Corporation Korea Dry Scroll Vacuum Pumps B-106
7 ASFLOW CO.,LTD. Korea Diffuser& Filter , Gas Regulator A-123
8 ASK CORPORATION Korea PLD, Sputtering system, Vacuum gauges/controller, Cryostats B-119
9 ATC CO., LTD. Korea Feedthrough, In-vacuum stepper motor, In-vacuum stage etc. A-119
10 ATOVAC Korea Vacuum gauges, MFC, Throttle valves, Controller A-137
11 ATS Co.,Ltd. Korea Vacuum Gate valves A-126
12 Beijing Beiyi Innovation Vacuum Technology Co., Ltd China Vacuum Coating Machine, Vacuum Pump A-104
13 Beijing Beiyi Woosung Vacuum Technology Co., Ltd China Vacuum Pump A-104
14 BESTECH Korea Vacuum Pump A-118
15 Busan Techno-Park Korea Public Knowledge About Busan B-116
16 Changzhou Tianlong Optoelectronic Equipment Co.,Ltd China Vacuum Chamber B-130
17 Edwards Korea Korea Vacuum and Abatement system A-102
18 EN Technologies Inc. Korea Power Supplies for Plasma Process B-103
19 Geowell Vacuum Co.,ltd. China Oil free Scroll Vacuum Pump A-106
20 GTC Co., Ltd. Korea Compressor A-152
21 HODU Co., Ltd Korea Vacuum Toilet System A-151
22 HYUNMIN GVT, INC. Korea Cryo Pump, Water Pump A-132
23 I.T.S Korea Vacuum Components, Beam Diagnostics Instruments, Mini DC magnetron sputter, ATM Plasma Source, etc. A-120
24 Impedans Ltd. Ireland VI Probe, semion seonsor B-110
25 infoRAD Korea Vacuum gauges, MFC, Software Development A-129
26 INFOVION Inc. Korea Ion Source (60, 120, 450), Round Anode Source A-110
27 Innovactech. Inc Korea Vacuum Components A-131
28 Ionautics Sweden HiPIMS Power Supplies A-134
29 IOP Publishing UK Physics World Magazine B-125
30 IVT CO., LTD. Korea Thermal Desorption Spectroscopy B-111
31 JESAGI HANKOOK LTD. Korea Plasma Systems A-116
32 Jung Won Corporation Korea Ion Beam Source (gridded type, gridless type)/ Bandi-T(K-space) B-133
33 Kashiyama K Tech Co., Ltd. Korea Dry Pump B-107
34 K-LAB Co., Ltd. Korea Vacuum deposition system brochure A-136
35 K-MAC Korea Banner B-117
36 Kojima Instruments Inc. (KOFLOC) Korea MFC, Flow meter B-121
38 Korea Coating Materials & Components Co., Ltd. Korea (Ultra High) Vacuum Components B-109
39 Korea Institute of Industrial Technology Korea KITECH Brochures, Panels and Products A-148
40 Korea Multitec Corp. Korea Magnetic Fluid Seal, Bushing, Bearing B-132
41 KOREA TESTING & RESEARCH INSTITUTE Korea Coatings and Thin Films Analysis and Testing B-127
42 Korea Tourism Organization Korea C-100
43 KOREA VACUUM LIMITED Korea DLC Coating, Vacuum Equipment A-108
44 Korea Vacuum Tech.,LTD. Korea PVD, CVD, Dry etcher, RTA, Vacuum Dryer A-128
45 KOREA Vacuum Technology Research Association Korea B-126
46 Koreabellows Co., Ltd. Korea Welded Bellows, Formed Bellows, Expansion type Bellows, Angle valves, Magnetic Fluid Seal A-145
47 KSM Corporation Korea Welded Metal Bellows, Magnetic Fluid Seal, Kalrez O-ring, Ceramic & Metal Heater, Sub-Assembly A-101
48 Kunshan lucking plastic product factory China Vacuum Parts B-129
49 Kurt J. Lesker Company China UHV Design Products Demo, posters A-139
50 KYKY Technology Co.,Ltd China Turbo Molecular Pump B-113
51 Kyungwon Tech Co., Ltd. Korea K-SPEED, Simerics B-120
52 Line Tech Inc. Korea Mass Flow Controller, Mass Flow Meter, Read out Unit B-124
53 MANTIS-SIGMA UK Thin film Systems, Surface Analysis Systems B-118
54 Maruikorea Inc. Korea Electrolytic polished stainless steel, Electrolytic polished aluminum, Electrolytic polished Nb cavity for heavy ion accelerator A-109
55 MKS Korea RGA, Capacitance Manometer, Indirect Vacuum gauges B-108
56 MOLYTECH CO.,LTD. Korea Vacuum Pump Oil A-122
57 Nano TEM Korea Korea “aeroFIX” Porous Ceramic Vacuum Chuck / Air Float Unit A-114
58 NEIS KOREA Co., Ltd. Korea Vacuum Brazing Sample B-115
59 Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum Korea Ltd. Korea Vacuum Pump and gauges B-105
60 Okazaki Manufacturing Company Japan Temperature Assemblies and Electric Heaters B-100
61 OSAKA VACUUM,LTD Japan Vacuum Pump A-147
62 OXFORD INSTRUMENTS Korea High field superconducting magnet system, ULT cryogenic system, UHV measurement system, UHV analyzer system A-153
63 Park Systems Inc. Korea AFM A-130
64 PFEIFFER VACUUM Korea Vacuum Pumps (Turbo Pumps), gaugess, Helium Leak detectors B-102
65 Plasma Bio Research Center Korea Soft Plasma Jet, Micro DBD Plasma, Bio Plasma Teeth Whitening Device, Indoor and Vehicles Plasma Sterilizer B-122
66 PLASMAPP Korea Plasma Sterilization A-144
67 Pohang Accelerator Laboratory Korea Information Leaflet B-131
68 Prevac Korea UHV Vacuum Systems/Components, Electron Analyzers A-135
69 Quantum Design Korea Korea Scattering-type SNOM (neaspec), Thermal probe litho. (Swiss Litho), DHM (Lyncetec), 4-mirror Furnace (QD), Optical cryostat (Montana) A-138
70 RHK Technology, Inc. USA RHK Pansean Freedom UHUSPH A-127
71 SAES Getters Italy Vacuum Pumps A-124
72 SAMHWATECH Korea Vacuum Components, Bellows B-128
73 SCINCO Korea Residual gas analyzer (QGA, RGA) A-143
74 Shanghai FanFeng Vacuum Machinery Co. Ltd. China Vacuum Diffusion Pump A-105
75 Shimadzu Korea Vacuum Equipment Co., Ltd. Korea Turbo Molecular Pump, Leak Detector, Rotary Pump A-115
76 SNTEK Co., Ltd Korea A-111
77 SPECS Surface Nano Analysis GmbH Germany A-125
78 Surface Electro Optics(S.E.O) Korea Contact Angle Analyzer(Model:P300Touch, Phoenix Smart(A)) B-123
79 TAEWON SCIENTIFIC CO., LTD Korea Vacuum evaporation materials, consumables and wafers A-140
80 Telemark USA Thin Film PVD Evaporation Sources and Instruments B-101
81 TOKYO ELECTRON Ltd. Korea A-112
82 Top Technology Ltd. Korea Plasma System Poster & Brochure B-114
83 ULVAC, Inc. Korea Vacuum Component Goods A-100
84 UV Tech Material Ltd. China Sputtering Target A-113
85 VACOM Vakuum Komponenten & Messtechnik GmbH Germany AluVaC (UHV Chambers and Components of Aluminum), Vacuum Measurement A-142
86 WIT CO., LTD Korea Semiconductor Measurement System VPS (Vacuum Probe Station), AC Measurement System B-112
87 Wonchang Vacuum Korea VACUUM PUMP - Oil Sealed Rotary vane / Dry Carbon Rotary vane / Hook and Claw / Vacuum Systems A-121
88 WOOSUNG VACUUM TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. Korea 1) Leak Detecting System, 2) Vacuum Evacuation System A-150
89 WSA CO., LTD Korea Vacuum Pumps, Vacuum gaugess B-104
90 Zurich Instruments Switzerland Lock-in Amplifiers, Arbitrary Waveform Generator, Impedance Analyzer, Boxcar Averager, Digitizer A-133