Short Courses

Leading experts will provide short courses during IVC-20 in Busan, Korea from August 21 to 25. The short courses are aimed at enhancing the knowledge and expertise of participants enrolled in specific topics. Discounted rates will be applied to the congress registrants so register in the course today!

Registration Fees

Category Pre-registration (Closes July 15, 2016) On-site Registration (From July 16, 2016)
Congress (Regular) + Course 1 Day USD 800 USD 850
Congress (Student) + Course 1 Day USD 500 USD 550
Short Course 1 Day USD 200 USD 250
Short Course 2 Days / 2*1 Day USD 300 USD 350

*Minimum required: 20 persons / course
If a course minimum is not met by June 30, 2016, the course will be cancelled.

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1. Fundamental Aspects of Reactive Magnetron Sputtering

Diederik Depla

Ghent University

Date & Time: AUG 21 (Sun) 08:00-18:00 – 1 day

Course Objectives:

  • Understand the fundamental processes driving (reactive) magnetron sputtering.
  • Develop strategies for dedicated experiments to unravel the complexity of reactive magnetron sputtering.
  • To get a good overview of the current literature and modelling techniques.
2. Scanning Probe Microscopy

Franz J. Giessibl

University of Regensburg

Date & Time: AUG 21 (Sun) 08:00-18:00 – 1 day

Who Should Attend?
Undergraduate as well as graduate students, but also senior scientists who are interested in exploring the world of high resolution AFM and combined STM/AFM should attend.

3. Design of Vacuum Pumping System for Semiconductor/FPD Processes

Janghun Joo

Edwards Korea Ltd.

Date & Time: AUG 21 (Sun) 08:00-18:00 – 1 day

The audience can understand the design concept of vacuum pumping system for semiconductor, FPD manufacturing processes, and the like in this course. After this course, you can have a solid confidence on your own vacuum pumping system to meet your process condition with longer lifetime and Safety assessment.

4. Vacuum Gas Dynamics: Theory, Experiments and Applications

Felix Sharipov

Federal University of Parana

Irina Graur

Aix Marseille University

Oleg Malyshev

STFC Daresbury Laboratory

Date & Time: AUG 21 (Sun) 08:00-18:00 – 1 day

The course is addressed to students, scientists and engineers who are not experts in Rarefied Gas Dynamics but who deal with this field in their routine work. It targets basic research training in Vacuum Gas Dynamics and provides a coherent and rigorous introduction into this field including relevant theoretical and experimental methods for practical applications. No preceding knowledge of gas dynamics is assumed. It consists of three parts – theory, experiments and applications by each instructor in the given order.

5. X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (XPS/ESCA)
Registration is closed.
This course meets the minimum enrollment requirement.

John Grant

Consultant in Surface Analysis

Date & Time: AUG 22 (Mon) - 23 (Tue) 08:00-18:00 – 2 days

XPS is used to determine the atoms present at a surface and their concentrations, chemistry, and lateral and depth distributions. This course is designed for scientists, engineers, technicians, and students, who would like a detailed understanding of the principles and uses of XPS/ESCA for surface analysis and depth profiling. Topics include the principles of XPS, instrumentation, qualitative analysis, quantitative analysis, artifacts, data acquisition and processing, imaging, and depth profiling.

6. Thin Film Nucleation, Growth, and Microstructural Evolution

Joe Greene

University of Illinois

Date & Time: AUG 23 (Tue) 08:00-18:00 – 1 day

Course Objectives:

  • Understand the primary experimental variables and surface reaction paths controlling nucleation/growth kinetics and microstructural evolution during vapor-phase deposition.
  • Develop an appreciation of the advantages/disadvantages of competing growth techniques.
  • Learn how to better design film growth processes and control stress evolution.